Thursday, March 22, 2012


Dear Friends,
I am proud to announce that American Majority has passed a major milestone in our mission to develop a new conservative infrastructure to protect America. This past weekend in Pittsburgh, PA, we trained our 20,000th individual on how to implement cutting-edge political tactics for the defense of our liberty. Because of your generous support and the hard work of our tireless staff, 20,000 Americans are now equipped to fight fire with fire, using the tools of the Left to roll back the insidious advancement of statism.
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Now, as a dedicated fighter for the cause of liberty, it shouldn't be news to you that the Left's agenda continues to invade our way of life at an unprecedented pace. Just look at exorbitant gas prices, the unconstitutional takeover of the entire healthcare industry, and rampant, corrupt, corporatist handouts of our tax dollars. And the problem is even more pervasive than you think. A "Ruling Class" of career politicians on both sides of the aisle has completely abdicated their responsibilities to the American people, and their malfeasance harms every one of us.
Their tenures of failure must end, and American Majority is working harder than ever to break the Ruling Class.
The Left has also been hard at work training and mobilizing candidates and activists who will only further expand the reach of the state. The Candidate Project, a coalition of Leftist groups, has challenged 10,000 liberal candidates to run for local and state office this year, and they have even recommended our resources to their Leftist trainees. The Left is coming out guns blazing this year, and we cannot afford to cede another inch to the forces of statism. Our defense of liberty begins by training the next generation of conservative leadership for America.
We are off to a good start with 20,000 trainees, but the fight has just begun. Will you enable us to continue it with an investment of $20 in our next 20,000 trainees?
Since January 2009, we have conducted more field trainings than any other conservative grassroots organization, and we have brought our curriculum to nearly all fifty states at more than 560 day-long training sessions.  Among those trained have been nearly 2,000 candidates for local, state and federal office, the majority of whom have gone on to win their elections and be a force for fiscal conservative policies.
I would be remiss if I did not extend my heartfelt thanks for your support of our work. Without you, thousands of Americans would be left without the skills and tactics they desperately need to reclaim our country and system of government from the grasp of the statist Ruling Class.
For too long, conservatives have been out-organized by the Left's well-funded, well-trained ground operation.  American Majority set out to counter that progressive organizing power one group, one community at a time – and with your support, we are finally seeing the change we need.
Will you join us as we continue the fight?

For Liberty,

Ned Ryun
President, American Majority
P.S.: With your partnership, we have trained 20,000 activists and candidates for the cause of liberty in just four years, and we are inexpressibly proud of this accomplishment. Would you consider helping us jump-start the next chapter of American Majority's work with a gift of $20, $50, $100, or more today? Together, we will equip the grassroots to reclaim our country from the tyranny of statism.

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