Thursday, September 13, 2012

Numbers You Need To Know

Use these numbers when talking to friends and neighbors about why this nation needs real leadership and real reform.
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American Majority Action

Anyone who cares knows by now that the national debt is a staggering $16 trillion.  Candidates during this election season are using that number as a way to demonstrate the damaging fiscal policy of the President.  As fiscal conservatives we also know that number is the result of a permissive environment in Washington that ignores mounting debt in favor of more borrowing and more spending on costly government programs.  We know that this kind of debt threatens our freedom. 

Tea Party Express “Winning for America” bus tour

I am writing to inform you about the Tea Party Express "Winning for America" bus tour.  We'll be in Virginia Beach, VA on Monday, 9/17.  We hope you'll come and show you're your support for the conservative policies that will return our nation to a path toward prosperity.

For more information and a complete tour schedule, go to Click on About, Bus Tours, and the map.

Please help is get the word out about this important grassroots effort!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ned Ryun: Printing More Money for Obama to Spend Isn’t the Answer

Real solutions for the economic crisis in America will not come from a money printing spree.
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American Majority Action

Printing More Money for Obama to Spend Isn’t the Answer

Washington, DC…September 12, 2012—American Majority Action President and CEO Ned Ryun released the following statement today in response to the Federal Reserve’s potential decision this week to try to stimulate the economy with a new round of quantitative easing.

“On the heels of Friday’s grim U.S. Labor report, it appears the Federal Reserve will again reflect Obama’s troubling monetary policy and opt for printing more money rather than strengthening the dollar.  Americans don’t need it and the U.S. dollar can’t afford it. We need strong fiscal policy that reduces the tax burden, not a weakened dollar that will lead to an even weaker economy.

The Obama Administration and the Fed naively believe the third time’s the charm. This latest round of print-as-you-go is projected to increase the money supply by $50 billion per month, but many economists agree that it will serve to spark inflation that will hit every American family and business. Energy and food are the first items touched by inflation, which directly impacts middle class families and single women who spend the highest percentage of their income on energy and food.

Real solutions for the economic crisis in America will not come from a money printing spree. Now in our 43rd month of 8 percent or higher unemployment, we are a nation that needs leaders ready to make pro-growth, pro-business decisions.”

Majority Points

  • Americans may have to make 10 percent more in wages to maintain their current standard of living if inflation raises prices this year.
  • QE3 is projected to increase the money supply by $50 billion per month.
  • Inflation will hurt the middle class and single women the most because they spend the greatest percentage of their wages on food and energy.
  • The problem with the economy is confidence, not credit. Banks are holding $1.45 trillion in excess reserves, and credit has been expanding since mid-2011.
  • The labor force participation rate fell to 63.5 percent, its lowest since September 1981 as Americans stop looking for jobs.
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