Friday, March 16, 2012

Fight IRS Attacks with Help From the American Center for Law and Justice

Dear Friends,

As many involved in the Tea Party movement know, numerous Tea Party and 9.12 groups have been dealing with the Internal Revenue Service concerning their letters of determination. Many have received letters from the IRS asking some questions that are legitimate. However, many of the questions being asked go above and beyond what is necessary for groups to comply with, infringing upon Tea Party and Tea Party leader's First Amendment rights.

Over 100 Tea Party organizations and many conservative non-Tea Party organizations have indicated that they have received such letters from the IRS.  The American Center for Law and Justice ( has now stepped forward and is planning to defend any Tea Party group (subject to review by the ACLJ) against this assault by the IRS at no cost to the Tea Party group on grounds that these questions violate our First Amendment rights. The ACLJ will also provide public relations help, and the lobbying of congress in addition to legal representation.
There are other groups claiming they are raising money for the defense of the Tea Party in this matter. I would strongly encourage you to ignore such appeals and instead contact the ACLJ, not only if you are dealing with the IRS regarding a letter of determination, but also if you would like to contribute to the ACLJ to fund this defense of the Tea Party.
American Majority is writing to Tea Party leaders and members across the nation to ask you to join together to fight this attack. We need any Tea Party/Liberty/Conservative Group that is either a 501(c)4 or 501(c)3 that has gotten a letter from the IRS asking for additional information above what is truly necessary to contact the ACLJ.  The ACLJ will provide their services at NO CHARGE.  If you are interested in having the ACLJ possibly represent you in your IRS matter, please email Miles Terry, Associate Counsel with the ACLJ at You may also call the ACLJ at 1-800-296-4529.

For Liberty,

Ned Ryun
President, American Majority

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