Thursday, March 8, 2012

“I’m afraid of what we’ve done here.”

"I'm afraid of what we've done here."
That's how a long-time liberal incumbent of the local school board in Loudoun County, Virginia reacted to cuts made in this year's bloated education budget. And what strikes fear into the heart of this long time big spender? A coalition of newly elected conservative members, led by the board's new Vice Chair, freshman member Jill Turgeon. Jill, a former public school teacher, is an American Majority alumni, and her story epitomizes our nationwide strategy perfectly.

You see, just four months ago, Jill's normal day consisted of teaching in a public school, coming home, and knocking doors every afternoon until dinnertime for her school board campaign. Now, she's leading the coalition that has cut $13 million from her county's exorbitant education budget. Even nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin took notice of Jill's work, and praised the new members of the Loudoun County School Board on his radio show last week.
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"What we're doing is unheard of," Jill says. And it hasn't been easy. "Our biggest issue this year is the status quo. There is a difference of philosophy among members of the board. Some members believe that they are representatives of the schools to the people. I believe that I am a representative of the taxpayers to the schools."
Now, that is a breath of fresh air! wouldn't you love for every member of your local school board to have that same perspective? And here's the good news – with a gift of just $10, $25, or $50 today, you can make that happen.
Jill is just like millions of Americans – a regular person, concerned for her community and her country. But she had no prior experience as a candidate for office. With American Majority's training, she gained the knowledge and skills she needed to carry her campaign across the finish line: "American Majority helped me by laying out the basics of what needs to be done on a campaign. They showed me anyone can do it. It's truly a grassroots approach – American Majority is training citizens, not politicians."
I couldn't have said it better myself. And here's even more good news – Jill is not alone. American Majority has already trained 2,000 conservative citizens to run for office and win. This year, we'll double that figure. Every week, our trainers are bringing our cutting-edge training and resources to fiscally responsible, liberty-minded individuals who will run for office, win their elections, and implement sound-minded policy in their local and state governments.
Now, as you saw at the top of this email, Jill is literally striking fear into the hearts of liberal incumbents on her county School Board. Could you imagine thousands of conservative candidates doing the same thing across the country this year? 
Your support will make it happen. I invite you to partner with us to make sure that conservative candidates like Jill will get the campaign training they need. Would you consider a gift of $10, $25, $50, or more to empower grassroots candidates to win elections, implement sound policy, and bring true reform to their communities and states?
Our trainees depend on American Majority for cutting-edge materials and training, and your generous support enables us to provide it. And when we train, they win. It's as simple as that. Please consider partnering with us today to replicate Jill's story thousands of times nationwide.

Ned Ryun
President, American Majority
P.S. Jill Turgeon has led an unprecedented education reform effort in her county, and thousands of conservatives hope to do the same thing this year. American Majority has the resources they need to run successful campaigns, and we are working harder than ever to empower these liberty-minded candidates. Please make your contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more to American Majority today to fund our invaluable work. 

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