Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank You for 2011




Thank you. 

2011 has been an incredible year for American Majority and for the conservative grassroots.

You were amazing this year. Together, we celebrated our 500th in-person training since American Majority's inception. Working with dedicated grassroots groups around the country, we've been able to train 1,800 new, dynamic candidates for state and local office.  In addition, we've now also trained 18,000 grassroots activists on how to be "effectivists" and really bring about change in their communities. 

At every crossroads, we found strength in the groups that continue to make this all possible. Because of you, we were able to do more than we imagined. We made tremendous progress in the face of an aggressive, liberal establishment. Despite those odds, we were able to open new offices and start exciting projects that will carry over into 2012 and beyond. 

So thank you. Thank you for standing up when it counts. Thank you for never giving up. And thank you for everything you do to support our work, and help good candidates make lasting changes for our country. Look for more information on what was accomplished this year in an upcoming email.  

Happy New Year.

All the best,


Ned Ryun
President, American Majority
P. S. 2011 was a fantastic year. With your help, 2012 can be even better! Please consider donating $12 to help us train more activists and prepare more conservative candidates in 2012. Your small contribution this year will be put directly back into the grassroots in 2012. Thank you for all you do and have a safe New Year's Eve.


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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Groundswell, December 2011

Conservative Euphoria


Sure, we all know the complete craziness that descends upon us this time of year. And anyone who's been watching cable news also of course knows about the presidential primaries that promise to spoil many a New Year's Eve in snowy states like Iowa and New Hampshire. I'm not even going to talk purely about those.

Because of what else I'm seeing, I started thinking this month about writing a little piece called "The Balkanization of American Politics". But that phrase has been so overused as to become mind-numbingly boring and ultimately meaningless.

Yet a phenomenon I first heard of while I was training in the tiny, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia is exactly what's happening right now.....


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Ned Ryun In

American Majority On CNN

American Majority President Ned Ryun's newest editorial in is entitled, "What Penn State, Washington, and Wall Street Have In Common." Click below to find out what:


American Majority President Ned Ryun appears on CNN's OutFront to discuss the rise of Newt Gingrich and the fate of Mitt Romney in Iowa. If you missed it, click below and take a look:


Thank you for being part of the movement. Visit for more information. 


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Groundswell, November 2011

Power, Inc.

When I was a kid, my Sunday school teachers often referred to an entire class of people described in the four Gospels: the scribes, priests, temple officials, even the Jewish Sanhedrin, who always seemed to turn out against Jesus. 

I have to confess I never really understood it. 

It took years—and a lot of life experience—for me to grasp what organized groups (religions; societies) and institutionalized systems look like up close, and what they really do.

I don't think I have to tell you it's usually not pretty.

Whether it's Penn State or politics, there's always a reason why the masses never can quite fathom why what's being done behind closed doors is actually being done....

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Giving Thanks!



Standing Together?


From all of us here at American Majority, we'd like to wish you and your families a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.

We're always reminded, at this time of year, of how grateful we are for such a dedicated and courageous group of supporters, working with us to preserve the vision of freedom that was in the hearts of those first American settlers. Know that, as we bow our heads at our Thanksgiving tables this year, that we are thinking of all of you and the great work you have done - and are doing - for this great nation.



From Our Family to Yours,

Happy Thanksgiving.


What do the Tea Parties and Occupy Wall Street have in common? Judging by recent news reports coming out of the Occupy camps, not much. But as American Majority President Ned Ryun argues in his latest piece at Huffington Post, there might be something in common at the heart of both movements: frustration at the practices of America's financial institutions.

Ned takes a look at how government and big banks have formed a long lasting, incestuous relationship that threatens our freedom and our system of government, and asks which 2012 candidates will have the courage to put an end to the Wall Street crutch!





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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Will You Join Our 2012 Team?




Dear Friend,


A year from today, Americans will go to the polls to elect a President. It won't be easy, but we can change course. However, did you know there are  300,000 other local, state and federal races that will also impact your future?  The question is clear: will we choose more, real liberty for ourselves, our families, and our communities?


We at American Majority work hard every day to help people like you get the tools to win elections, beat back big government growth, and fight the Left. Whether it's against unions in Wisconsin or political protection for Wall Street, American Majority is there to help citizens organize, fight and win.


We're there on the ground, training grassroots activists and identifying candidates who'll fight for the right values on school boards, city councils, and in state legislatures. We help folks committed to preserving what's best in America become the conservative farm team: a nationwide network of competent, credible leaders who'll move the needle back in the direction of fiscal sanity and smaller, more responsible governments.


And we need your help.


Over the next twelve months, we'll work even harder, training more than ten thousand individuals. We know our immediate future depends on other Americans dedicated to this country and what it stands for.


But we need partners in the fight. We're asking every friend of American Majority--everyone who believes in our unique mission--to step up by donating $12--one dollar for each month--to our training programs, and encouraging friends and family to do the same.


$12 doesn't begin to cover even one of our state-of-the-art, in-person trainings. But $12 can give conservative activists, campaigners, candidates, or college students all six of American Majority's most popular 24-page printed manuals. $12 can teach anyone--anywhere--effective volunteering, mastering social media, mapping political precincts or protecting against voter fraud. Just $12 can put the right tools for the fight next year into the hands of thousands.



Just $12 truly can make a difference. We hope you'll join us.



American Majority


P.S. Please check out the newly redesigned for upcoming events, resources, and so much more!







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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Groundswell, October 2011

The Carpe Diem Culture

This month I thought I'd take a detour from my usual writing on the political "military-industrial complex". I didn't feel like doing nuts-and-bolts campaign mechanics either. Something's been gnawing at the edges of my mind for a time, and I wanted to draw it out. So bear with me please.

Now, it's certainly no secret that most of us in America these days take for granted that social media is part of the very fabric of our life. Those of us in the conservative grassroots certainly realize and struggle to master the power of this relatively recent technology. The ability to amplify our voice, echo our message, to create our own personal "brand" and manage our image online has been a tremendous boon to the Tea Party movement among many others in the last few years. Not to mention what it's done for the ties of family or friendship, or even interpersonal relationships (think

But do we really stop to think about the fundamental changes this new facet of communications has made to who we are at our core?


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Ready to Change America?



Ready to Break the Rules?


Looking to make a grassroots difference in this next election? Learn tips and techniques for getting your friends and neighbors on board with the message of the American Majority by visiting our resources page. There you'll find educational pamphlets on the American founding vision, guides on how to maximize your presence on social media, podcasts and a host of training materials designed to make you a voice for liberty in your community. You can even grab audio and video materials designed to teach you how to wear your commitment to America's founding values on your sleeve!


"Occupy Wall Street" might be trying to convince America that they belong to the "99%" but in this month's American Spectator, American Majority President Ned Ryun takes on the 80%: the majority of elected officials who just keep winning their seats, thus preserving the status quo. Has America created its own Ruling Class by tolerating the same leadership day in and day out? Is there any hope for a small band of rebels willing to think differently, to change the way business is done in DC, and to break the rules? Check out what we have to say!



Ready to Learn Something New?

The Frontier Lab, a free-market organization dedicated to helping provide useful resources to the Tea Party, the organizations that serve the Tea Party, and to individuals dedicated to preserving freedom for America, is looking to find out what liberty-minded Americans are interested in learning.

What kind of information is necessary to your work? How can people with knowledge you need better connect to you? Take a quick five minutes to fill out the Frontier Lab's survey and tell them! Your answers will reach some of the smartest people in the put them to work for you!

click here to take the survey



Here are a few of the resources that we at American Majority rely on for news and insight into the conservative movement - we think you'll enjoy them too! 



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Monday, October 3, 2011

Declaration of Rights & Responsibilities – Glenn Beck

1. Because I have the right to choose, I recognize that I am accountable to God and have the responsibility to keep the 10 commandments in my own life.

2. Because I have the right to worship as I choose, I have the responsibility to honor the right of others to worship as they see fit.

3. Because I have freedom of speech, I have the responsibility to defend the speech of others, even if I strongly disagree with what they’re saying.

4. Because I have the right to pursue happiness, I have the responsibility to show humility and express gratitude for all the blessings I enjoy and the rights I’ve been given.

5. Because I have the right to honest and good government I will seek out honest and just representatives when possible. If I cannot find one then I accept the responsibility to take that place.

6. Because I have the God given right to liberty, I have the personal responsibility to have the courage to defend others to be secure in their persons, lives and property.

7. Because I have the right to equal justice, I will stand for those who are wrongly accused or unjustly blamed.

8. Because I have the right to knowledge, I will be accountable for myself and my children’s education…to live our lives in such a way that insures the continuation of truth.

9. Because I have the right to pursue my dreams and keep the fruits of my labor, I have the responsibility to feed, protect and shelter my family, the less fortunate, the fatherless, the old and infirm.

10. Because I have a right to the truth, I will not bear false witness nor will I stand idly by as others do.

Declaration of Rights & Responsibilities – Glenn Beck:

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Groundswell, September 2011

Taking To The Streets

The Greek mathematician Archimedes once said: "Give me a place to stand, and with a long enough lever I will move the whole world," thus introducing the concept of leverage. This very same principle is at the core of all local politics everywhere. Accordingly, figuring out where the windows of opportunity--those bottlenecks and pressure points--are is half the battle.

And using that most basic of campaign tools—the calendar—allows you to plainly see exactly where and when to intervene within the political process. Campaign cycles rarely change (barring special elections), so with the proper planning, you can leverage even meager resources to the hilt. For instance, making a motivated but small group of conservative activists and voters into the epitome of a primary election turnout machine when most others aren't paying attention.


Upcoming Training Events
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One Day - 14 States



Of Plans and People


On September 17th, American Majority celebrated Constitution Day by working hand-in-hand with community based organizations to hold 14 training events at locations across the nation, from New York City to Arizona to Michigan to Florida. Groups of people who are devoted to our country and want to see a return to Constitutionally limited government came together to find out how they can be most effective in their communities- American Majority revealed new training curriculum and our new Effectivism manual.  


In this month's American Spectator, American Majority President Ned Ryun takes a hard look at what has made the young, unfunded Tea Party movement effective in a way that the wealthy, esperienced DC-based conservative movement hasn't been. "Because many in D.C. have fallen prey to the ease of the self-validating echo chambers ("Your ideas on the flat tax are phenomenal," "You're awesome," "No, you're awesome"), the D.C.-based conservative movement has never truly facilitated an implementation method..





In September and October, American Majority is joining with Young Americans for Liberty to hold Campaign Bootcamps in locations across the counry to provide indepth campaign training for  activists and candidates who are committed to defending liberty in 2012 and beyond.


 For a list of dates, locations and registration information,

click here.

Here are a few of the resources that we at American Majority rely on for news and insight into the conservative movement - we think you'll enjoy them too! 

· REDSTATE Morning Briefing

· Ben Domenech's The Transom

· Quin Hillyar's weekly column at

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