Monday, June 7, 2010

Re: My article: Self-Defense or Lunacy?

I've seen the video & I believe Israeli soldiers have an obligation to control the traffic in a blockade and if the flotilla did not want a confrontation they would have used diplomatic channels and not try to bust through.  Those who live by the sword... (In this case pipes etc.)  As a veteran I know I would have been upset that the flotilla put me in that situation.  The governments in power have guns for a reason and do not expect them to not to react when provoked. Sorry for those who believed they were on a peaceful mission. Next time use less terrorist backers for the trip. Try the Red Cross.

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Israel has claimed "self-defense" in response to the accusations on the flotilla raid, but I don't buy it! Please read my latest article that discusses this.

Israel: Self-Defense or Lunacy?

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