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Friday, February 25, 2011

What’s really at Stake for Unions in America? By: Paul Krausett

What’s really at Stake for Unions in America? By: Paul Krausett
Is it the welfare of Joe and his family on Elm Street? Is it Gladys and her role in teaching our children? Is it Sam and Rebecca, neighbors who are employed as civil servants?
No – it’s all about money, and a whole lot of it that winds up in the hands and ultimate control of a very few!
Mandatory union contributions inherent with employment can run as much as $1000 to $2000 a year for thousands of households nationwide. When this money leaves the union member’s hands, a great deal of it winds up in the control of a small number of state and national union leaders with little or no consent or oversight by members at large.
How much money? Follow some hypothetical arithmetic for an imaginary national union:
Local Dues $75 Month $75 Month $75 Month 
#Members 5 Million 10 Million 15 Million 
Monthly Total $375 Million $750 Million $1.125 Billion 
Annual Total $4.5 Billion $9 Billion $13.5 Billion 
35% to National $1.575 Billion $3.15 Billion $4.725 Billion

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Action Alert Tuesday Feb 15

An Important Day: TUESDAY, February 15
The end of the session is approaching so bills are coming up fast. Many will be before Senate committees on Tues. Feb. 15. Please attend if you can and call as many Senators as possible, especially your Senator if he/she is on any of these committees and ask them to support this legislation.