Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forgetting Something?

It's true – this may be the most important election year of our lifetime, but not just because of what's happening at the federal level. Many voters are overlooking an essential piece to the puzzle. Are you aware of what is going on in your own backyard?
Currently, 45 percent of all government spending takes place at the state and local levels, and that number increases every year. Just a few months ago, we witnessed the single largest municipal bankruptcy in American history when Birmingham, AL declared that it could not pay its debts. Surely, more irresponsible cities and counties are sure to follow as public sector pensions, liberal programs, and out-of-control spending cripple local governments across the country.
Entire cities are staring bankruptcy in the face, and, as I told you a few weeks ago, the Left is trying to elect 5,000 more government-expanding liberal politicians to local and state office!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Can Beat Obama?

Four candidates remain, vying for the opportunity to defeat Barrack Obama in November.
With the recent announcement that Rick Perry will be stepping out of the race, the field has quickly shrunk, leaving a handful of very distinct candidates. As always, the pundits come out of the woodwork to overwhelm us with their analysis and predictions. But, as you know, it's what the grassroots thinks that matters. So, we've set up a poll on our Facebook Page to gauge your opinion. We hope that you will consider checking out our Facebook Page at www.FB.com/AmericanMajority to cast your vote: Which Candidate Has the Best Chance of Defeating Barrack Obama?

A more "OPEN" but no less scary alternative to SOPA & PIPA

OPEN: Online Protection & ENforcement of Digital Trade ActThe OPEN Act
secures two fundamental principles. First, Americans have a right to
benefit from what they've created. And second, Americans have a right
to an open internet. Our duty is to protect these rights. That's why
congressional Republicans and Democrats came together to write the
OPEN Act. But it's only a start. We need your help: sign up, comment
and collaborate to build a better bill.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Despicable Attack

What would you say if someone used a human tragedy for purely political purposes and demonized millions of Americans? What would you say if that person was the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee?  DNC Chairman Wasserman-Schultz did just that. Speaking at an event in New Hampshire this week, DNC Chairman Wasserman suggested the Tea Party was responsible for the shooting in Tucson last year involving Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. If you haven't seen the video, head on over to our Facebook page and take a look by clicking on the image below:

Perhaps Chairman Wasserman is a bit confused? Wasn't it she who endorsed the Occupy Movement as "symbolic of the frustration of the middle class?" Yet, this movement has devolved to little more than unruly mobs set on violent clashes with the authorities.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fight the Left in 2012

If you think the progressive left is going to just lay down in 2012 and accept that their ideas have failed, think again.
What We Face in 2012
The left is renewing their efforts to impact state and local elections. Moveon.org, New Organizing Institute, Democracy for America and other left-leaning groups have committed to finding 2,012 progressive candidates for state and local elections. Their efforts are going so well that they have now raised their goal to 5,000 progressive candidates for 2012. You can learn all about their efforts at www.2012for2012.org.
Why This Matters