Friday, August 24, 2012

Democrats' Playbook Disintegrating

It is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional liberal playbook may no longer be relevant.
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We are less than a week from the start of the Republican National Convention and while the polls for the Presidency remain tight it is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional liberal playbook may no longer be relevant.  In this edition of Majority Points, we’ll explore why that’s true and how it bodes well for conservatives – and America come Election Day.

For as long as most of us can remember, liberal and progressive politicians have all worked off of the same political playbook.  It’s like their Bible and whether they’re running for president or dog catcher, the formula is repeated over and over every year.  Here’s how it usually works:

  • Define the Republicans as being elitist and out of touch using class warfare rhetoric
  • Scare women into believing their rights will be taken away by the GOP
  • Use social issues as a wedge to win over independents
  • Frighten seniors into thinking their benefits will be eliminated
  • Utilize public employee union workers and paid volunteers from progressive groups to churn out votes in urban and suburban areas

Notice, there’s nothing in there about ideas.  More on that later.  For decades, Democrats have done remarkably well winning elections using this formula.  Until now.

This election year is different because this election year, the Democrat playbook isn’t working and here’s why.  It should give all of us added confidence that we can and will be able to take back America from the radical Obama agenda.

  1. Medi-scare isn’t going to work – Democrats love to scare seniors but this time around while the Obama machine is hoping Paul Ryan’s budget will do the work for them, it is actually having the opposite effect.  Ryan’s approval numbers with seniors have been positive, because older Americans are learning that while Romney and Ryan are trying to reform Medicare to save it, Obama has already raided the program of more than $700 million to help fund the President’s unworkable Obamacare scheme
  2. Social issues like abortion are not driving voter intent – The Obama campaign’s charge that Republicans are waging a so-called war on women has fallen flat as a pancake.  In states across the country social issues are in the single digits because the dismal economy, lack of jobs and even the budget deficit have taken center stage.  A recent poll in Pennsylvania showed that only 1% of voters will be making their selections based on social issues.  That’s a big weapon gone from the liberal arsenal.
  3. The just ‘tax the rich’ argument isn’t working – Obama doesn’t seem to realize that trying to force divides in America won’t work.  The majority of Americans don’t think that higher taxes or more government are the answer to the nation’s fiscal or economic crisis.  The problem for Obama is that there are no other ideas.  His concept is to grow government on the backs of everyone and ultimately turn producers into takers.  Americans aren’t going for it.
  4. The Right now has its own ground troops to counteract the unions and progressive groups – It’s called the Tea Party and it has proven over the last three years to be even more effective than the left’s long-standing method of churning out votes on Election Day.  The Tea Party and other local conservative groups are energized and show no signs of letting up.  In fact, this Presidential election, unlike 2008 or any before, may see the conservative activist community better organized and more effective than ever.  

You see – we CAN do this.  We can take our country back.  Get involved today at American Majority Action and be part of the victory.

Keep America Free,

Ned Ryun

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