Friday, August 10, 2012

American Statism 101

 In this edition of Majority Points we will give you a brief overview of American statism and why we must spread the word about this threat to our very existence. 
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While we hear about liberalism and Republicanism, socialism and progressivism all the time in our American political discourse, the term statism is less widely used.  But statism is a very present and pressing problem in American life today.  In this edition of Majority Points we will give you a brief overview of American statism and why we must spread the word about this threat to our very existence. 

Conservatives should have a good grasp of what statism is, but the public doesn’t quite look at America’s problems through that lens.  They should.  When people think about overreach of the State, they think about communist Russia or an oppressed Middle East dictatorship.  They think about the Taliban or Venezuela.  People think that oppressive government activity is something that happens “over there,” but not here in the United States – the Land of the Free.  Well, they're wrong.  Just because our leaders oppress us with smiles and the backdrop of vibrant commercials using soaring music doesn’t mean what we’re being fed is freedom.  Think of it as statism with a smile.  It is here and we feel the sting of it every day.  

According to political scientists, statism comes in a variety of forms, all of which unfortunately exist in this country to some degree.  It’s when market economies experience large amounts of government intervention, regulation or influence.  It can be the forging of a co-operative economic system that relies upon state ownership or nationalization as a means of running industry.  Overall it is the development of a massive, government-controlled and centralized welfare infrastructure.  I also like to think of statism as forced economic equality – which runs counter to American principles.  All the class warfare rhetoric we hear is designed to divide Americans in the hope of creating equal outcomes through a more dependent society.   

Between 2006 and 2016, we expect to see a 50% increase in total welfare spending.  Here’s how the Federal budget breaks down in some key areas:

  • Safety Net Programs (Welfare etc.) – 13%
  • Medicare/Medicaid – 21%
  • Social Security – 20%
  • Benefits for Federal Workers – 7%

A grand total of 61% of the federal budget currently goes toward bloated, inefficient programs.  As they get larger, the government creeps closer to us and reduces individual freedom.  Quietly, stealthily, it pushes into our homes and our businesses little by little.  For the last hundred years, Americans and American values have given way to a perpetually growing government.  What we must do is talk to everyone who will listen about the difference between the America of even a generation ago and the America of today.  Then we must give them a glimpse of the America of the future if we do nothing.  One where perhaps 70% of our income goes to fund government programs in the form of taxes and fees; one where we have no hope of ever having a balanced federal budget or of reducing debt; one where American free enterprise is no longer viable in any recognizable sense; one where even the vast middle class is dependent on government’s largess. 

Statism creates a loop of dependency.  It turns givers into takers.  It leads to financial despotism.  As believers in limited government, we’re often not the most popular people at the party because we believe that government should be smaller, more efficient and less burdensome.  Our time is coming, however, because our national fiscal crisis – our freedom crisis – is becoming just that bad.  We see it at the polls across the country – taxpayers ready to push back.  Beating American statism will require Americans to stand up for themselves and America again.  As part of the American Majority who believes in the free market, individual responsibility, limited government, local control and public accountability, we are on the front lines of the battle.  The time is now to help others understand the depth of the problem and consider a freedom agenda for here at home.  Do it now – before November.

Keep America Free,

Ned Ryun

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