Monday, April 16, 2012

Job Security in 2012

At American Majority, we talk a lot about "The Ruling Class". And there's a reason why we use this pejorative term for the bipartisan establishment that waltzes right back into office every two years without so much as a sweat. Our president, Ned Ryun, wrote an entire column in The American Spectator magazine on this trend.
These people aren't public servants. They don't face any real scrutiny, resistance or competition from the folks they're supposed to work for. Each election cycle, these people--from both parties--simply show up and get sworn in. They then resume the tedious task of governing us, of regulating us, of taxing us--and just generally telling us what's good for us.

About 99% of all U.S. Congressmen are re-elected biennially. Even in 2010, an unprecedented conservative wave election barely lowered that percentage to 80. And let's not even get started on the numbers for down-ballot races, which almost no American voters pay attention to.
Which brings us to the opportunities for new leaders now and for building the conservative farm team for tomorrow.
In 2012, there are 7,384 state legislative seats across America. Out of these, 5,979 of them (or 81%) are up for re-election right now. That means four out of five office-holders at the state legislative level could be challenged and fought, most effectively in an earlier primary election. This doesn't include the number of term-limited, retiring or even deceased officials. Or special elections. Yet the window of opportunity for changing this more localized ruling class is closing rapidly.
Eighty-six (86!) of the nation's 99 state legislative chambers will hold state legislative elections on November 6. Just two years ago, in that wave election of 2010, only 1,133 state legislative incumbents even faced a primary challenger. That was only 22% of those who could have drawn a fight.  Of the 6,125 state legislative districts in 2010 with elections, 4,125 (or 67.3%) of those districts only had one major party candidate on the November ballot. 
We're analyzing the competitiveness of the 2012 state legislative elections as well, and so far, based on official candidate lists in the states where the deadline to file has passed, the competitiveness of the elections is even lower than it was in 2010.
That said, there are a number of states where the signature-filing deadline is still in the future. I encourage you to look up and investigate when the deadlines for filing for office are in your state. And to consider seriously who best from your ranks should run against the entrenched power structure in your legislature.  
Are we going to let the Ruling Class get a free pass? Again??? We don't want you to. We want you to consider being part of the solution this time. Please take a few short seconds to fill out this fast, easy, online survey so that together we can build a farm tam of new leaders, shatter the Ruling Class, and get us back to voting in friends of freedom in our states:

Will you, your conservative friends, or your group decide to put some skin in the game this year? Or are you content to allow a comfortable Ruling Class to continue to govern? The only way to effectively change our country is the reclaim it from the ground up, and now is the time to get started.
American Majority's New Leaders Project has an ongoing goal of helping thousands of grassroots conservatives identify and train the right people to take the Ruling Class on directly. With support, resources and training materials from American Majority, we can help you make it a real race for many of these tired, ineffective office-holders' seats. 
Together we can actually break the cycle of incumbent control. Inject new blood into the system. Cast away the usual ways of doing business in our capitals. And begin building a farm team of vital, competent and credible people who will take on the day-to-day business of returning more liberty to us.
It's time to get serious about toppling the Ruling Class. Will you spread the word? Will you join us?

American Majority
P.S.: Based on previous elections, we expect that less than two-thirds of state legislative elections will have more than one candidate on the ballot this year. To bring real change to our communities and our country, we must challenge the Ruling Class, and we must do it now. Will you commit to run for a seat in your state legislature, or help a conservative who will?
P.P.S.: I understand that not everyone is cut out to run for office. If you would like to support the training of conservative candidates for state legislatures nationwide, please click here to give $20, $50, $100, or more to fund American Majority's candidate training.

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