Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Years Later: Tea Party Triumphs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Tea Party Members, Taxpayers, Allies Prevent Public-Sector Union "Payback"
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American Majority

Three Years Later: Tea Party Movement No Longer Rallying; Flexes Political Muscle; Trumps Pro-Government Unions

Wisconsin Tea Party Members, Taxpayers, Allies Prevent Public-Sector Union "Payback"
American Majority, a nationwide, non-partisan political training organization with offices in Wisconsin since October of 2010, comments on the crushing defeat of public-sector and big-government forces in the attempted Wisconsin gubernatorial recall:
Regular citizens--Wisconsin's taxpayers--spurred by Tea Party activists across the state, engaged in the political process to support common-sense reforms and fiscal sanity at voter turnout levels that were truly historic . The Tea Party in particular has proven it remains a powerful political force in the Badger State which engages, organizes, motivates and delivers voters at an unprecedented level.
American Majority is honored and humbled to continue to work with and be a resource to Tea Party groups and concerned citizens from across the state. Our simple, shared mission of mobilizing fiscal conservatives to build a farm team of new leaders and wrestle power away from the Ruling Class of corrupt politicians, union bosses and government workers has created a new future for all Wisconsinites.

In February of 2011, together, American Majority and Tea Party leaders organized the "I Stand with Walker" rally to show the nation that Wisconsin wasn't afraid to stand up for fiscal responsibility and take the heat from entrenched, special interests who fueled irresponsible spending and budgetary chaos year-in and year-out for the benefit of a very few protected classes at the expense of ordinary families and small businesses.
Throughout this fight, American Majority was incredibly honored to train and equip Tea Party members and citizen activists to step up and fight Big Labor bosses from across the country who were trying to hijack Wisconsin's government. Yesterday, thanks to the homegrown, collective might of the Wisconsin Tea Party movement, those hostile forces were turned back and sent packing in a smashing defeat.
This historic partnership has not only shown Wisconsin that real, lasting reform is possible, but also that the action and commitment of everyday Americans and taxpayers can create similar real change across America.

Our lasting thanks go to the real heroes of Wisconsin.

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