Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Can Beat Obama?

Four candidates remain, vying for the opportunity to defeat Barrack Obama in November.
With the recent announcement that Rick Perry will be stepping out of the race, the field has quickly shrunk, leaving a handful of very distinct candidates. As always, the pundits come out of the woodwork to overwhelm us with their analysis and predictions. But, as you know, it's what the grassroots thinks that matters. So, we've set up a poll on our Facebook Page to gauge your opinion. We hope that you will consider checking out our Facebook Page at to cast your vote: Which Candidate Has the Best Chance of Defeating Barrack Obama?

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  1. Why this is the WRONG QUESTION: I know that we are in a time where games of chance have no value if not outright obscene considering what is at stake. The choice before us is not which racehorse to bet on but who of these applicants are closest to our own principles and is strong enough in those principles to weather the tremendous storm he will face as President of this, the last bastion of liberty on the face of God's green earth.