Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten Solutions

Dear Friend,

Here at American Majority, we believe that government is intended to provide the freest political space within the bounds of ordered liberty, protecting our inherent rights while giving each individual the freedom to pursue his or her own dreams.

Right now, though, we are facing a runaway government and a crushing deficit. Americans are desperate for solutions to our problems. We here at American Majority have come up with Ten Solutions for America. 

We fight each and every day to return the U.S. government, at all levels, back to its proper role. We are implementing these solutions by training a fresh crop of activists and candidates who are committed to them. In 2010, we trained a total of 9,165 activists and candidates. And already in 2011, over 500 tea party groups from across the country have joined our New Leaders Project. Each one of those pledge signers represents 10 new free market candidates that American Majority will train. 500 pledge signers, 5,000 new conservative candidates. 
With your help, our unique training program will continue to grow and expand, and we'll come closer and closer to these solutions becoming a reality.

After reading the ten solutions, I ask you to make a generous donation to American Majority right now as we fight to place this great nation once more on a path of freedom and prosperity. 

American Majority's Ten Solutions for America
1.  Leaders at all levels of government are to serve the American people; the American people do not serve them;

2.  The size and scope of government must be reduced, and all governmental power be devolved;

3.  Government must balance its budget and stop printing money to fund wasteful spending and fiscal irresponsibility;

4.  Government must be run like a private business, and government employees are entitled to the equivalent salaries and benefits of their private sector counterparts, but no more or no less;

5.  The restraints of high taxes, both individual and business, and the massive regulatory burdens imposed on innovators, must be reduced to free the American economic engine;

6.  Government should not restrain innovation and the goal of energy independence, allowing the pursuit by all responsible means of capitalizing on America’s own rich natural resources;

7.  Parents have the right to dictate how their money is spent in regards to their children's education;

8.  All attempts by government to manipulate the marketplace must be rejected, and individuals must be allowed the freedom to make choices in regards to healthcare, energy, education, and the Internet;

9.  Government must ensure that life at all stages and human dignity are respected;

10.  If America is to remain a beacon of freedom, the primary purpose of national security is to keep our borders secure, protect our citizens and protect America’s interests first.

We are in this fight because America needs new leadership, right now, at all levels of government. We need leaders who have the ability to effectively communicate the ideas of free enterprise, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom, while at the same time running sound campaigns.

But we only exist with your help Friend. We are not funded by any political party. We don't get contributions from corporations who depend on incumbents for special favors or handouts.

Instead, American Majority exists solely because of the generosity of Americans who believe in fighting for the same cause that we do. Please make a 100% tax-deductible donation of any size today.

I look forward to keeping you updated and hope you are having a wonderful summer.


Ned Ryun
American Majority

PS: Thanks to your generosity, our New Leaders Project has far exceeded our goal for this year. Over 500 tea party groups have committed to identifying 10 new candidates to run for office. And your American Majority has been tasked with training them. The support for the New Leaders Project has been so overwhelming that we are working overtime to keep up with the demand. Please give generously to the American Majority today as we seek to recruit and train a new crop of Americans who are committed to advancing our Solutions for America

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