Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Groundswell, July 2011

Who's Really Disenfranchised?
By Matt Robbins, National Executive Director

Disenfranchised. The very word evokes strong reactions in us: we peer back through American history, thinking of young people, minorities, suffragettes, and even slaves. None of which, at one time or another, had the right to directly participate in our system of self-government.  Heck, the Founding Fathers intentionally didn't give the vote originally to anybody who wasn't a white, land-owning male (though I'm guessing "powdered-wig-wearing" might have been a negotiable category).
And because of the power of this one word (and the sins of our forefathers), we are doomed to hear about it each and every election cycle from now until the end of the republic (yes, my Star Wars-loving self just spazzed out as I wrote that last part).
Only now these downtrodden (note to self: be sure to trod someone down very soon) have somehow expanded it to include not only all the usual suspects listed above, but also such groups as illegal aliens, who I suppose by the Left's tortured logic somehow just had to be on the Framers' white-male-lovin' minds during that stuffy summer stretch of weeks in Philadelphia 235 years ago. 
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Andrew Breitbart Pickens Plan
The Many Voices of the Tea Party
No More "Boone-Doggles"
Earlier this week, Virginia State Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Tito "the Builder" Munoz drew the attention of Andrew Breitbart, one of the prominent voices in the Tea Party. Tito Munoz is a construction worker who found the spotlight during the 2008 presidential election, and is taking the next step and running for office.  In this interview, Breitbart highlighted the Colombia-born Munoz, along with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, as "such a strong advocate of why it's great to be an American."

In spite of the 2010 election results, we see a lot of Republicans continuing to act as if they owed nothing to the tea party movement. 
For those of you unfamiliar with HR 1380, the Natural Gas Act, I want to recommend our sister organization, American Majority Action's, memo on the bill and the inherent flaws found in it. I also penned an op-ed for the Washington Times recently on the subject, found hereWill you join with me in holding Republicans in Washington, DC accountable?
Building the "Farm Team" of Conservative Leadership
NEW LEADERS PROJECT Over 525 local groups across the United States have signed the New Leaders Project Pledge to find new candidates to run for office in their communities. Why do we think this is so important? Because the town council member you elect this year could be your future Senator or President. Watch this video to learn more about building tomorrow's leadership today.
Announcement Coming Tomorrow!
 Soon American Majority will be announcing a new project, one that will give you, the grassroots leaders across the country, even more information and resources that will help you be effective as you defend the principles of the Constitution in your own community. Watch for the exciting news to arrive in your inbox tomorrow!
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